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Baumit System EWI Course


2 Days



Learner Profile: Skilled, professional, already working in the building trade

Location: Dublin (Chadwicks Robinhood Road)

Learning Aim: To give all attendees the skills and knowledge to work with the NSAI approved Baumit 60 External Wall Insulation Systems, Certificate 09/0336

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this practical session, each attendee will be able to:

  • List different EWI system types
  • Identify the correct EWI system to be used with different building types
  • Explain the performance, durability & maintenance of the Baumit System
  • List the different materials used as part of the Baumit System
  • Identify different factors that impact on design (e.g. wind loading, condensation, etc)
  • Avoid risks associated with installing EWI Systems, specific to the Baumit System
  • Install the Baumit System from start to finish, following best practice to avoid the need for repairs
  • Explain the Baumit System specifics (e.g. drying times, working conditions, etc)
  • Identify when repairs are needed and how to carry them out
  • Differentiate the responsibilities of the certificate holder and the contractor
  • Highlight the Health & Safety Considerations of EWI Installation, including Baumit System specific considerations
  • List the contractual obligations that are expected as an NSAI & Baumit Approved Installer (including paperwork and audits)
  • Explain what is required for quality control of Baumit System Installation (i.e. monitoring requirements)

Please note that these Learning Objectives apply to both new builds and retrofits.

Please see here for information in relation to Fees, Cancellations, and No-Shows.

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