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10 Good Reasons to Choose Baumit

You’re making a major investment in your home – why settle for less than the best? Compared to ordinary EWI systems, Baumit ticks the boxes!

Superior Design Features

  • Cold bridges eliminated
  • Breathability built in

Quality in every component

  • Double seal detailing
  • Robust aluminium oversills

Attention to detail throughout

  • Fully insulated window reveals
  • Moisture resistant plinth board

Superior finish options

  • Wide choice of colours & textures
  • Brick and stone finishes available

Reputable fully trained installers

  • Craftsman care for your home
  • Worry free installation

Expert technical backup

  • Site specific design
  • U value & condensation calculation

Reassurance of leading brand

  • Financially secure supplier
  • Track record of quality

Better than dry lining

  • No reduction in room size
  • No disruption or redecoration

Better than pumped cavity insulation

  • Cold bridges eliminated
  • Improved draught proofing

Best value for your money

  • Guaranteed savings from day one
  • Long term property value enhanced
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