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SX Airless

Baumit SX Airless Plaster White Ready To Use Sprayable Plaster

Formulated to deliver high filling performance for large-scale mechanical application, Baumit SX Airless Plaster is a white, ready-to-use dispersion-based sprayable plaster.

  • Suitable for interior walls and ceilings
  • Fast drying
  • Pre-mixed
  • Easy to sand
  • Ideal for an ultra-smooth finish
  • Free from solvents
  • Rapid application with spray machines.
  • One bag equates to 16m2 coverage

Slashing application time

SX Airless plaster is the ideal solution for large jobs. A prep-free solution, the airless application is pre-mixed and ready for use in a spray machine, reducing the need for on-site preparation and waste.

The ease of application and the speed at which the product works means walls can be painted and finished in significantly less time.

Compared to traditional application methods, SX Airless is 30% faster to install to interior walls.

Plaster with confidence

SX Airless plaster installs confidence due to its workability, even coverage and application speed to plaster board and existing plaster-based walls. In dry weather conditions, SX Airless can set in just six hours, after which walls are ready to sand.

The airless method offers the user total control, resulting in a clean and tidy finish. There is no overspray, and cutting-in is easier when using a spray gun rather than a trowel.

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