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Baumit StarTop

Enhanced Silicone base render

Highly weatherproof topcoat render, complete with silicon binder and a new functional filler, providing the building with a quick drying finished façade surface in damp weather conditions. Easy application.

  • Increased Protection against algae and mould
  • Easy Application
  • Suitable for damp and coastal environment

Grain Size

The time when render served a purely functional role is long gone. Today’s homeowners, architects and designers are placing ever greater demands on the visual appearance of living and working environments. Almost anything is possible: fine grain sizes create a discreet flair, while coarse grain sizes provide a certain rustic charm –especially when combined with a creative colour scheme.

For more information on colours available please visit Baumit UK.

Grain Size available for this render are:

  • 1.5 K (Most popular in Ireland)
  • 2 K
  • 3 K

Also Available in paint – Baumit StarColor

Colour Range

The ready to use systems is supplied pre-mixed in 25Kg tubs with 1000 colours available from our colours of life range.

For more information on colours available please see visit Baumit UK.

Or contact our sales team for more information.

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