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What is external wall insulation (EWI)?

External Wall Insulation (EWI) is the placement of insulating boards on the external surface of all the vertical walls of a building. This protects the building from fluctuating weather conditions, reduces heat losses from inside the building and will prevent external temperature changes from affecting the interior climate. EWI keeps homes warm in winter and cool in summer, ensuring a home with a pleasant atmosphere by eliminating sharp and high changes in indoor temperature. EWI will also reduce energy consumption terms of energy consumed for heating and cooling.
It is a common method used in Europe and throughout the world of insulating homes and commercial building.

Why Use External Insulation?

Initially, the main reason for choosing an External Wall Insulation solution is that EWI will achieve higher thermally insulating results by protecting the walls from changes in outdoor temperature, taking advantage of the thermal capacity of the existing walls and more effectively avoiding thermal bridges.

Therefore, with EWI, the maximum possible reduction in heating or air-conditioning costs can be achieved. Another reason for opting for EWI is to enhance renovations. If renovating the exterior of a building, opting for an EWI solution provides great flexibility for architectural and design choices.

Baumit products can be used in a multitude of different application. These are some of the Baumit systems:

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