Baumit SilikonTop



  • Ready-to-use pasty, silicone resin bound final coat
  • Rubbed up or grooved structure
  • Interior and Exterior use
  • Applied manually and by machine
  • 888 standard colours

Product Overview

Weather resistant, hydrophobic, water vapour permeable (breathable), stain resistant, easy to use. 

Intended use a topcoat render application providing decoration and protection to facades.  For application over old and new mineral coatings (sand and cement), concrete surfaces, and mineral and organic basecoats in the Baumit EWI Systems EPS, XPS, XS 022 and Mineral.

Grain Size

1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm

Colour Range

The ready to use systems are supplied pre mixed in 25Kg tubs with 888 colours available from our colours of life range or any RAL number. Special colour matching is also available through our dedicated colour lab in Austria.

Preparation and Applicaton

Substrates must be sound, clean, dry, free from frost, dust efflorescence and not water repellent. Existing mineral based coatings and paints must be sound and well bonded to the substrate (confirm with pull off tests and/or cross cut tests acc. to Baumit guidelines). 

Application: The SilikonTop is applied with a stainless steel trowel or a fine spray machine and trowelled through to the grain thickness to produce a full and even coat. The surface is then textured using a plastic float, moving in tight circular motions.  

It should be applied systematically and continuously in complete sections

Packaging, Health & Safety

Each component of the Baumit system has its own materials data sheet, if further information is required please contact our sales of technical department. 

Technical Information