Baumit SEP 02



Product Overview

Factory prepared dry powder mortar in accordance with EN 998-1. Mineral based decorative topcoat render for thin coat application for internal and external areas. Suitable for hand or machine application. 


A topcoat render providing decoration and protection to facades and internal areas. For application over lime and cement render basecoats, contact mortars, EWI basecoats, concrete surfaces and gypsum plaster and gypsum plasterboard.

Preparation and Applicaton

Application: Baumit SEP topcoat render is applied onto the substrate to the required thickness and trowelled through to the grain thickness to produce a full and even coat. The surface is then textured using a coarse sponge float or plastic float according to desired finish, moving in tight circular motions. Baumit SEP is suitable for freestyle texturing and soft brushing with a little water.

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Packaging, Health & Safety

Each component of the Baumit system has its own materials data sheet, if further information is required please contact our sales of technical department. 

Technical Information