Baumit Edelputz



  • Traditional style wet dash finish
  • For use on EWI or traditional basecoats
  • Ready to use; just add water

Product Overview

Baumit Edelputz7mm is white cement, lime, sand & coarse aggregate mineral render.

Supplied in dry powder form, just requires the addition of water and mixing.

It can be thrown on to a base coat of sand and cement as a wet dash.

It is a perfect solution or matching traditional Irish wet dashing.

Grain Size


Colour Range

Available in white only.

It is recommended that it is painted when applied over External insulation systems, can remain unpainted on sand & cement based backgrounds.

Preparation and Applicaton

The substrate must be checked and free of water repellents, dust, dirt, efflorescence and other harmful contaminants or materials that may interfere with the adhesive bond. Power washing maybe required before application. Remove projecting mortar or concrete parts mechanically as required.

Packaging, Health & Safety

40 Kg Bag

Store in a dry Place.

Health and Safety Hazard label: Irritant Risk phrases:  

  • R 36: Irritates the eyes and skin  
  • R 38: Irritates the skin 
  • R 43: Can cause skin sensitization  

Safety phrases:   

  • S    2: Keep away from children  
  • S  24: Avoid contact with skin  
  • S  25: Avoid contact with eyes 

Stand 12/10 2

  • S  26: In case of eye contact, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical assistance          
  • S  27: Immediately remove soiled or saturated clothing 
  • S  28: Following skin contact wash with plenty of water  
  • S  37: Wear suitable gloves