Baumit MP69



  • General purpose for Internal & external use
  • Light Weight
  • Low material consumption
  • Machine or hand applied

Product Overview

Lightweight lime cement render for use as basecoat and finishing coat, for all external and internal areas, including those subject to high humidity, onto most types of masonry and rough cast concrete etc.

Ideal background for wall tiles, paints, mineral and resin decor render finishes.


Mineral, machine applicable lime cement, lightweight, waterproof render. Increased concentration of air pores, without organic additives (like EPS). Can be sponge finished. Good water retention performance and adhesion qualities. High elastic performance safeguards against shrinkage cracking. Once hardened, it is water vapour permeable, frost resistant, waterproof (W 2 acc. DIN EN 998-1), weather resistant and has high impact resistance. MineralporLeichtputz Weiß MP 69 W gives a natural white surface finish. 

Preparation and Applicaton

See data sheet

Packaging, Health & Safety

Each component of the Baumit system has its own materials data sheet, if further information is required please contact our sales of technical department. 

Technical Information