EPS (Expanded polystyrene) System

  • With the Baumit EPS System you invest in a care-free future, comfort like never before with a long proven track record of performance.

Features & Benefits

    • Give excellent thermal performance and high impact resistance available in thickness from 15mm to 300mm 
    • Highly waterproof, with a proven track record of over 50 years - can get wet during its install and can be easily stored on site
    • Cost Effective: Eps is the least expensive insulation used in External insulation systems.

Product Overview

Baumit EPS system is a high performance External Insulation system that gives thermal insulation to your building, is cost effective and highly impact resistance.

Once installed give a new long lasting look to your building.

EPS can be supplied in either White boards or grey graphite enhanced boards in a wide range of thickness.

Baumit EPS systems are adhesively bonded to the wall, with additional mechanical fixings. Then a reinforced mesh coat is placed over the boards and troweled off.

Once dried and cured a wide range of finishes can be applied, from Acrylics (GranoporTop)  Silicone enhanced (Silicon Top) or the self-cleaning photocat product (NanoporTop). Additionally mineral sand and cement based products such as SEP, Dry Dashing, Edelputz (wet dash) or brick slips can be applied.

The ready to use systems are supplied pre mixed in 25Kg tubs with 888 colours available from our colours of life range or any RAL number.

Special colour matching is also available through our dedicated colour lab in Austria. 

Preparation and Applicaton

The substrate must be checked and free of water repellents, dust, dirt, efflorescence and other harmful contaminants or materials that may interfere with the adhesive bond. Power washing maybe required before application. Remove projecting mortar or concrete parts mechanically as required.

The installation of the Baumit External Insulation Systems is carried out by Grafton Merchanting ROI trained and approved installers in accordance with Grafton Merchanting ROI project specific specifications and method statements. 

Packaging, Health & Safety

Each component of the Baumit system has its own materials data sheet, if further information is required please contact our sales of technical department. 

Technical Information