Baumit Product Range

Saving Energy Through Thermal Insulation

It is clear that a well insulated building will consume less energy and save on heating costs – after all heating accounts for at least 75% of the energy use of the average household. External wall insulation offers by far the simplest and most reliable solution for improved insulation performance. By wrapping the building in an insulating blanket, heat loss is dramatically reduced and the living environment is significantly improved. This proven thermal upgrade solution is tried and trusted for many decades on building projects around the world. It is ideal for old and new buildings, individual houses, apartments and non-residential buildings.

Thermal Renovation

External wall insulation really comes into its own when used on existing buildings. It used to be that renovating a building façade was simply about improving the appearance – but no longer! Baumit External Wall Insulation not only will your home look better, but you will also save energy, raise comfort levels and add value to your property!

Avoid energy losses: Thermal imaging clearly shows where cold bridging causes wasteful heat losses. This doesn’t have to be the case. Cold bridging can be prevented by a thorough balanced thermal renovation of your home.

Cut costs gain value: Specialist thermal upgrading of older buildings can lead to very significant reduction in energy consumption, getting maximum benefit from the thermal storage capacity of the wall structure. This results in year round benefits with the extra insulation keeping the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. What’s more an EWI project involves minimal disruption to building occupants