Garnish Island


Garnish Island

This is defiantly one of the most unique projects I have had the pleasure of being involved with. 

Garnish Island (Ilnacullin Garinish or Garnish) is located in the sheltered harbor of Glengarriff in Bantry Bay, in Southwest Ireland. Garnish is world renowned for its gardens which are laid out in beautiful walks and it has some stunning specimen plants which are rare in this climate.

The location being and island, working around ferries to get to site, tides for materials deliveries and the highly sensitive environmental area for the works. 

The island is internationally known, its unique shelter and location, combined with the effects of the gulf stream and the unique configuration of Glengarriff Harbour results in a unique micro climate in which an amazing range of exotic species flourish.The gardens are listed as one of the world’s most important gardens and receive 60 to 80,000 visitors annually.

The project involved the restoration of the original “Bryce house” on the island which was only taken over by the OPW a few years and was in poor state of repair. The house was to be sensitively restored and be turned into a visitor centre with all it’s original features restored internally.

Baumit external insulation was selected and installed, giving a fresh look to the rear of the old house, providing insulation, preventing water ingress and allowing internal restoration of original features and finishes.

The Insulation works were completed in June 2015, the complete project is to be complete in July and the fully restored contents from the original house to be returned soon after that. It is hoped the house will be open to the public later in the year.

I for one will be returning (as a tourist) to see the finished house and visit the gardens in full bloom later in the year.